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Chemistry and physics escape rooms (US grades 9-10). Want to test yourself against Michael Faraday? Revision can be fun!

Visit RAL Space to explore some of the many careers available in engineering. You will need all your physics knowledge to complete this game!
Relevant to GCSE, National 5 and Junior Cycle physics.
This escape room was made possible with support of the IET and RAL Space.
Explore a range of careers available in the chemical sciences. Visit all 7 chemists and escape the atom! Content relevant to GCSE, National 5 and Junior Cycle chemistry.
This escape room was made possible with support of the Royal Society of Chemistry Outreach Fund.
Colin the evil mole has taken all the glassware from your lab! Travel the World to find the password to his secret lab and retrieve the glassware!
Includes questions on mole calculations and helpful example calculations. Aimed at top end GCSE level chemistry students.
Dmitri Mendeleev has been locked inside his periodic table by Dalton and Newlands. Can you crack the code to help him escape? Content on the history of the periodic table and the history of the atomic model. Links to Crash Course Chemistry used with kind permission.
The Bayer headquarters have been hacked by the evil Dr Alsipsclar. Find the code to neutralise the virus. GCSE content on chemical tests, combustion, balancing equations, fractional distillation and functional groups. All photos kindly supplied by Bayer.
Michael Faraday has locked you in his lab. You must crack the code to escape!
Content on electrolysis and balancing equations.

A level chemistry

A level chemistry escape rooms (US grades 11-12). Test your chemistry skills and get a taste of what it is like to work in a lab!

You have accidentally shrunk yourself! Answer the questions and find the Shrink o’matic device to escape!

A level chemistry questions on hydrolysis, amino acids, protein structure, amides, condensation, electrophilic addition and rate equations.
You need to use all your skill as an organic chemist to escape the lab!
Includes AS level questions on nucleophilic addition, free radical substitution, nucleophilic substitution and IR spectroscopy.
Good luck chemist!
Use your skill as a physical chemist to crack this escape room. Learn what it’s like to live and work in Antarctica. Covers AS content on Hess’ law, enthalpy of formation and specific heat capacity.
Images used with kind permission of the British Antarctic Survey.
You are stuck in the lab. You will need to use all your skills as a chemist to escape!
This room assesses content from Year 13 chemistry and is difficult!

Key stage 3

Science escape rooms (US grades 6-8). Showcasing real world science these are great as learning and revision aids.

Can you solve the puzzles to save the day in Antarctica?

Questions on photosynthesis, acidity, light and seasons. Plus lots of opportunity to learn what it is like to live and work in an Antarctic research station. With kind permission of the British Antarctic Survey.
The evil Dr Sulfur has stolen all the pasties from St Ives! Can you save the day by solving the clues?
Topics include photosynthesis, parts of a cell, forces, states of matter.

Revising for an assessment?

The tasks in these escape rooms are based on past exam questions so they are excellent revision aids!

“Our pupils have loved the chemistry escape rooms as a fun and different revision resource. They provide enough challenge to push them and also enrichment opportunities to show science in action”

Robbie Mitchell, Deputy Director of Science, Wellsway School

“It was quite difficult, but I actually really enjoyed it! I always like a competitive task.”

A level student, Cornwall